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Not only do we produce 800 acres of potatoes, but we do so with our own temperature controlled cold storage and warehousing. This allows us to maintain the highest quality of product.

Currently, 600 acres of potatoes are produced for processing. The remaining 200 acres are produced for fresh markets which you can find branded in 10 lb. "Nutri-pak" bags or 50 lb. "Dorsey" bags.


All of our onions are packaged in our warehouse and shipped to local markets.

We have 100 acres of land dedicated to producing red and yellow cooking onions for the fresh market. The onions are available in our "Willy Bee" or "Dorsey" brand labels, packaged in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 lb. to 50lb. bags.


Our location also provides great growing conditions for carrots. Mix in a dedicated team with a rich history of growing and you have some of the best local carrots around.

We have 60 acres of carrots produced for the processing plants and another 40 acres of carrots produced for the fresh markets; shipped to local packaging plants.